We host and plan a variety of community service events throughout the year, including clean-ups, repair projects, community art projects and more. Sign up for our newsletter and check "I'm interested in volunteering" to get alerts when we are planning events or email Debbie Lombardo directly for more information.


West Side NHS and Black Rock-Riverside NHS have eight shared standing committees and these committees contain Board Members and residents from both agencies. Committees meet between once a month and quarterly, depending upon their tasks and roles. Some committees, such as the Executive Committees and the Nominating Committee, contain only Board Members, but most committees rely on resident volunteers to carry out their tasks.

If you are interested in becoming a Board Member at our agencies, serving on a committee is a great way to get acquainted with the agency and prepare to apply for a Board position. 

NHS Committees are currently seeking:

  • Community residents and leaders to guide organizational priorities, plan and execute community projects, facilitate clear communication between the organization and the residents it serves and organize NHS participation in community events
  • Marketing and communications professionals to assist with marketing campaigns
  • Financial professionals and individuals with accounting expertise to assist Housing Committee with property acquisition assessment tasks
  • Individuals with strategic planning facilitation experience and knowledge

To inquire about Committee opportunities, please contact Debbie Lombardo.