When we first met Nicolae, he was recovering from a home invasion. His neighbors gave us a call and asked if there was anything we could do to help get Nicolae back on his feet. That was August of 2014 and since then we've managed to replace his bathroom floor, install a brand new furnace, replace his roof and gutters, install 16 new windows, 3 new doors, a security system, a stockade fence and most recently, build a completely new porch!






In April 2014 we began working with a client who had experienced a long-term medical illness that led to financial hardship. Like many of our neighbors in the City of Buffalo, the mortgage had fallen into foreclosure with the lender. When this client came to us the loan was about 60 months past due. After submitting 7 applications, working diligently with the lender attorney and over 100 phone calls and correspondences, we were able to arrange a payment plan with payments that were 30% less than the original monthly payment! On top of that, the client was also able to to utilize our minor home repair program and continues to work with the mortgage counselor on other financial fitness items to this day. If you’re facing foreclosure, don’t suffer in silence, give us a call today!