West Side NHS, Inc. & Black Rock-Riverside NHS, Inc. together have invested millions into Buffalo’s neighborhoods over the past 35 years. Have you gotten any of it? If you're a contractor interested in being a part of the work we do, please complete and return the form below to

   West Side Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc.
   Attn: Chris Flynn
   359 Connecticut Street
   Buffalo, NY 14213

Contractor Application PDF

Together we can build an alliance that increases income potential for both of us as we work to transform our community for the better.

We're interested in developing mutually beneficial relationships with the Minority and Women owned businesses in the area. These businesses display the courage and tenacity to develop in the face of cultural obstacles that might have otherwise created a disadvantage. Persistence in the face of adversity is an admirable quality that indicates the kind of driven individuals we hope to collaborate with. Please consider completing the above-mentioned application to join our team.

For more information on how to become certified, please click here