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Emergency Home Repair Assistance Available in the North District

If you live in the North District of the City of Buffalo and are in need of some Emergency Home Repair, we help administer The City of Buffalo Emergency Assistance Program for all residents of the North District. 

City of Buffalo Housing Repair Assistance Program

Some general guidelines of the Emergency Assistance Program qualification are below. For more detailed information--especially for specifics on qualifying repairs--please read the city's Emergency Repair Program Guide PDF.

◾You must have owned and occupied your home for at least one (1) year preceding your application.
◾The property must be in generally good condition (reasonably well-maintained and structurally sound)
◾You must be income-eligible, meeting federal guidelines for low- or very low-income households.

Qualifying repairs include:
◾Break in sanitary system
◾Break in water service
◾Leaking roof system
◾Electrical hazards at main panel
◾Hazardous chimney
◾Water meter installation
◾Defective heating system
◾Defective hot water storage heater

For more information or to apply, please call or email one of our Housing Specialists:

Micah Winship, Tuesday-Friday, 8:00-6:00: (716) 877-3910 or Julie Sands, Tuesday-Friday, 8:30-3:30: (716) 877-3910

 If you need assistance in another area of the city, please refer to this list of agencies that serve the other 8 Council Districts.


2014 CLI Team 


2014 CLI Team in Cincinnati Ohio at the community institute training sponsored by NeighborWorks America. 

We had a great time while we networked with other agencies throughout  the US.

Names of those in group photo are:
Debbie lombardo- Resident  team coordinator 
John lombardo-Resident of West Side
Chris Willey-BRR board member
Sandy Sheppard- Director  West Side Community center
Betsy Murphy - Board member west side community center   
Danette Porto - Director of Operations/Senior Services 
Yaileen Kren Colon - Youth representative West Side Community Center
Yezenia Kren Colon- Parent representative West Side Community Center 
We had a great time a and networked with other agencies thru out the US.

Last Saturday at St. John Baptist Church Home Buyers Orientation


On Saturday, October 18th; we had a great turn out at our Home Buyers Orientation. It was held at St. John Baptist Church located at 184 Goodell Street in Buffalo. If you would like for us to visit your organization, please contact Pam or Michele at 885-2344. 



Help Fight Hunger!



We  have just a few more days, please drop of your non-perishable goods at 203 Military Rd on Tuesdays-Fridays until 6pm.


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