West Side NHS is proud to partner with the University at Buffalo and the UB Foundation to offer the UB H.O.M.E. program which incentivizes staff and faculty homeowership in the area surrounding South Campus.



The City of Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency (BURA) and Black Rock-Riverside NHS announce the opportunity for qualified General Contractors to submit proposals for 2 residential housing rehabilitation projects located in the city of Buffalo. The properties are listed below:

174 East St., 245 Dearborn St.

All proposed work must meet City of Buffalo, EPA Codes and Regulations.

General Contractors will be required to submit a Bid Bond with their proposal.

Proposals should include all information specified in the respective bid packages. The bid packages are available for pick-up, at Black Rock-Riverside Neighborhood Housing Services Inc., located 203 Military Rd, Buffalo, NY 14207. For any questions or information, contact Bill Buzak at 716-877-3910 or bbuzak@wsnhs.org or Rob Gilray at rgilray @city-buffalo.com or 716-851-5070. Please direct all marketing inquires to Brandon Schlia at bschlia@wsnhs.org or 716-877-3910.


Home Rehab Assistance Available Now

Being a homeowner means dealing with the continual maintenance of your hard earned property. Oftentimes one project turns into many and before you know it there are moths flying out every time you open your wallet. West Side NHS is here to help. We're now offering the West Side Home Rehabilitation Initiative to help ease the suffering and apply some financial ibuprofen to your homeowner headaches. 

Download the application packet here

Be sure to get your application in before the August 28 deadline.


Celebrating 35 Years


Emergency Home Repair Assistance Available in the North District

If you live in the North District of the City of Buffalo and are in need of some Emergency Home Repair, we help administer The City of Buffalo Emergency Assistance Program for all residents of the North District. 

City of Buffalo Housing Repair Assistance Program

Some general guidelines of the Emergency Assistance Program qualification are below. For more detailed information--especially for specifics on qualifying repairs--please read the city's Emergency Repair Program Guide PDF.

◾You must have owned and occupied your home for at least one (1) year preceding your application.
◾The property must be in generally good condition (reasonably well-maintained and structurally sound)
◾You must be income-eligible, meeting federal guidelines for low- or very low-income households.

Qualifying repairs include:
◾Break in sanitary system
◾Break in water service
◾Leaking roof system
◾Electrical hazards at main panel
◾Hazardous chimney
◾Water meter installation
◾Defective heating system
◾Defective hot water storage heater

For more information or to apply, please call or email one of our Housing Specialists:

Micah Winship, Tuesday-Friday, 8:00-6:00: (716) 877-3910 or Julie Sands, Tuesday-Friday, 8:30-3:30: (716) 877-3910

 If you need assistance in another area of the city, please refer to this list of agencies that serve the other 8 Council Districts.

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