This Week in Buffalo Community Development

Image of Governor Paterson speakingGovernor Paterson said he’ll start his Sustainable Neighborhoods Project in Buffalo
Governor Paterson said Thursday he’d be launching a plan to deal with vacancy in New York, beginning with 23,000 vacant homes in Buffalo. Eric of PUSH Buffalo says in Buffalo Rising, “We are eager to work with the Governor to build a national model for sustainable community development incorporating green jobs training, green rehab, weatherization and urban agriculture.” Sounds great to us! 

Affordable lofts opened on the East Side
E Square Capital, LLC opened 43 affordable studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments in a converted former factory in Broadway-Fillmore. We don’t know much about this aside from what we read Wednesday, but at $549 for the largest two-bedroom (with heat included!) we bet they’ll get snatched up fast. 

UB Named its Civic Engagement Fellows
As part of its UB 2020 strategic plan, UB announced the first fellows for its Civic Engagement and Public Policy research initiative, which will explore social justice issues. It includes a project on food security and urban agriculture here in Buffalo. We get very excited about urban agriculture. 


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