Weekly Wrap-Up, Jan 18-22

Image of Buffalo ReStoreMartin Luther King, Jr. Day was a great success. At least, for the VISTAs at West Side & Black Rock-Riverside NHS it was. We volunteered with PUSH Buffalo and Buffalo AmeriCorps, who sent us out to the Boys and Girls Club on Massachussetts Ave. Monday to paint. We got paint all over ourselves and everyone else.

Amherst Street got some much-deserved attention in an article published in The Buffalo News Tuesday. It talked about the burgeoning arts scene out here in Black Rock and our "villagelike" appeal.

NeighborWorks America COO Eileen Fitzgerald gave an interview on loan modification scams that you should give a listen. Loan modification scams are such a big problem, NeighborWorks has dedicated an entire segment of its operations to warning people about them. Learn about it and protect yourself!

And of course Sunday the Extreme Home Makeover episode that was filmed here will show at Shea's Performing Arts Center from 7-10pm. Go get your tickets! You don't want to miss it!


Exciting things happening on Amherst Street

Image of Black Rock in 1825 from www.buffalonian.comBlack Rock back in 1825. Image from http://www.buffalonian.comCan't believe we didn't catch this earlier, but The Buffalo News ran a story called "Amherst Street on the Rise" yesterday that was full of great information about some of the stuff that's happening near my (Laura's) office (Black Rock-Riverside NHS!), most prominently the "thriving arts scene that's taking hold on Amherst Street."

...Many of the buildings are remarkably well-preserved, with beautiful fixtures and rich architectural details, and the street has a "villagelike" feel, said Kubiniec, who bought Joe's Service Center in 2003.

That's Marc Kubiniec, over at the Grant-Amherst Business Association, who is always helping us with things, including our current Business Directory project. Thanks Marc!

Many of the organizations mentioned in the story have taken advantage of the Facade Grant we offer to help businesses in the area refurbish their storefronts, and we're excited to be a part of the revival of Amherst Street.


Weekly Wrap-Up - Jan 11-15

Image of Governor Paterson speakingNot as many news stories this week, but still plenty going on.

In the news, Tuesday Governor Paterson gave his State of the State address here in Buffalo, in which he addressed the Sustainable Neighborhoods Project he announced last week.

Wednesday we attended the West Side Planning Meeting PUSH Buffalo hosted, and it was just amazing. I don't have official numbers, but the people who attended from West Side NHS think there must have been over 100 people there.

The meeting--the first in a series--got residents and local agencies to identify strengths and problems in our neighborhoods, and visualize what we want to see the West Side become in the future. A planner will organize and refine those ideas, and then all the agencies and residents will get together to decide how we can act on the plan.

Our Board meetings for Black Rock-Riverside and West Side were Tuesday and Thursday, respectively.

And here we are on Friday, January 15--Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday--and I hope everyone will consider going out and volunteering on Monday if they don't have to work. The idea of a national holiday you celebrate by helping your neighbors is nice, isn't it?

Do it!


Ways to Volunteer on MLK, Jr. Day, next Monday Jan 18!

Updated on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 at 9:07PM by Registered CommenterWest Side & Black Rock-Riverside NHS

If you didn't get to see 14th street when the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition crews were there, you missed something amazing. The rumor was that Buffalo brought out more volunteers than the show had ever seen before, and a ton of projects were completed in the West Side because of the influx of help. The neighborhood was just buzzing with energy and enthusiasm and community, and it was so cool to be there.

MLK, Jr. Day is a national day of service that provides the same kind of opportunity - a chance to get out and work with your neighbors to make clear, visible change in your community. And cross my heart: it's not difficult or unpleasant to give this one day of the year back to your neighborhood to honor the memory of Dr. King. It actually feels really nice.

Under the cut, ways to volunteer on MLK, Jr. Day in Buffalo.

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Quick note: Homebuyer Ed Orientation, Jan 19!

We're re-organizing our Homebuyer Education Program to make sure you get what you need out of our classes, and it now includes an orientation. The orientation will take place every month, and this month it's on Tuesday, January 19, at 6pm in our meeting room (372 Connecticut Street). To sign up call Christine at 885.2344, or click "Register Now!" on the calendar to your right for the event on the 19th.

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