Being a landlord is about more than just collecting rent. Owning a duplex or multi-family home can be time-consuming and expensive. Not knowing the rules can also land you in some legal trouble. Avoid those potential pitfalls by taking our Landlord Education training!

Our 2-hour class covers:
  • Fair housing rules and regulations
  • Discussion on the impact of housing discrimination and what are protected classes
  • How to avoid discriminatory practices
  • Some best practices in the rental application and screening process, what you can & can’t ask prospective tenants, lease rules and illegal lease clauses
  • Federal, State, and Local Laws and ordinances that landlords need to know about;
  • Landlord rights and Responsibilities
  • Tenant Rights and Responsibilities
  • Evictions and other courts
  • and much more

If you'd like to take the class, please register via Eventbrite