One-on-one counseling with a Homeownership Counselor is your first step if you want to sign up for a First Home Club, get on track with credit and savings, connect with down payment and closing cost assistance, or just get started. Our free counseling services are available to anyone buying a home in the city of Buffalo and you'll receive the free credit report analysis as part of your counseling. Green Topics include Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation and Healthy Indoor Environments to save money, protect your home investment, and keep your family healthy. Counseling is available in English and Spanish.

TO REGISTER: Click to download the Homeownership Counseling Application (pdf)

You must fill out and return the Homeownership Counseling Application, which will allow our counselors to pull your credit information through a soft-footprint credit report and determine your first steps to homeownership.You may email your completed application to the Homeownership Team, or you may mail a hard copy of your completed application to:

Homeownership Counseling: New Client
359 Connecticut Street
Buffalo, NY 14213


Financial Coaching can prepare you for everything from opening your first checking account to borrowing against your home. Financial Coaching is helpful for renters, first-time homebuyers, and  homeowners working toward financial goals.

Financial Counseling helps residents move toward their financial goals. Counseling focuses on setting a goal and moving toward that goal with a spending plan. This service is offered free and on a one-on-one basis. Our Financial Coaching may be part of your participation in other counseling programs, or you can pursue other types of financial goals with our counselor. 


If you would like to take the course at your own pace, you can find it online at the FDIC website:

In English: English Money Smart CBI Online

In Spanish:Entra en Money Smart CBI Online


Email our Homeownership Team,
or call them at (716) 885-2344
Monday through Thursday, 8am - 6pm